Products and services as solutions to daily challenges of veterinary offices and farms.

We constantly invest in diversifying the product portfolio to solve as many challenges as possible in the treatment of veterinarian`s patients. We want both owners of veterinary practices and farm owners to find in us everything they need for the welfare of the animals and the efficiency of their activity, from food, medications, vaccines, hygiene products to equipment and digital solutions. 

The products and equipment we make available to veterinarians are innovative, efficient, to high standards, many of them exclusively in Romania. We also produce medicines for various category of farm animals, following the same standards of efficiency and quality as the other products in the portfolio. 

In addition to specialized consulting, Vetro brings for veterinarians a digital solution for optimizing the activity in their clinics. Digitail app simplifies time consuming processes, from placing orders to certain internal protocols. 

Explore our range of veterinary products and services. 


Veterinary products and services

Veterinary offices and pharmacies

We are constantly concerned with diversifying the portfolio with innovative, efficient medicines, to high standards to be able to address the entire range of pathologies. Food and care products are just as important and we focus on the most important international brands.

When it  comes to medical devices, our European or world-wide recognized partners offer us innovative and reliable products. This contributes to an increased sense of comfort for the  veterinary doctors and the safety of their patients.

Discover in our shop the whole range of products and equipment for veterinary clinics and  pharmacies.


Vetro supplies a wide selection of medicines, vaccines, food and feed additives (including supplements), provided by the most important Producers in the field. Vetro  proudly brings to our market high-standard cleaning and disinfection products for large surface areas, both inside and outside animal housing (from stables, incubators or halls, to transport and office).

Discover in our shop the whole range of products and equipment for farms.

Discover in our shop the whole range of products and equipment for farms.


Digitail is a complete software for veterinary clinics. It was designed by a team of veterinarians with a passion for technology who wanted to come up with a concrete and efficient solution to the challenges of running such a niche business.  

How Digitail helps veterinarians:
It creates electronic files for the patients.

The soft creates a complete examination sheet and allows quick access to the medical records of the patient. Thus, the doctor greets the patients already knowing all the necessary information about them. Everything is organized just where you expect it to be.

Makes an internal appointment schedule.

Each member of the team has the possibility to create an individual program while the reception and colleagues can see an overview of the entire clinic.

It has an online appointment system.

The clients have an easier way to make an appointment to the clinic. With Digitail you have a public calendar that you can post on Facebook, Google Maps or even on your website. You have absolute control and flexibility to set up the schedule, work shifts, services provided as well as to accept and schedule consultations.

Sends notifications and reminders.

Digitail sends automatic notifications on email, SMS and on the App so that pet`s parents do not forget to come to the rappel or at the recommended visits. If there are any clients who are late or forget to come to the clinic, Digitail automatically sends them alerts by email, SMS or even on the App to remind them of upcoming visits.

It has an integrated App for pet`s “parents”

With Digitail you can offer a digital health card to the patients through which they can make appointments, they can access medical recommendations and can communicate quickly with the clinic via chat. Find out more here.

Automatically generates a consultation and drugs register

Digitail automatically fills in the consultation and drugs register. You do not need to fill in the same information repeatedly. You need to focus only on the examinations and all the accounting reports and medical records will be automatically generated.

Quickly generates NIR

Product reception and their introduction into the system becomes much easier. With Digitail you have access to a nomenclature of over 4000 veterinary products as well as the possibility to create your own nomenclature.

Keeps the management of the products

You can be sure that you don`t run out of stock for the products you need at the next consultations through alerts that let you know when your stock is low. You don`t need to worry that your products expire on the shelf by setting alerts that let you know when products approach the expiration date.

Integrated with cash register and scanner (barcode reader)

Digitail offers integrations with cash registers, barcode reader, analysis apparatus and many more besides. With Digitail you can use a barcode reader to make the sales process even easier and the stock is updated in real time.

Quick and secure acces to the application

Your information is securely kept in cloud and at the same time you have easy access to the information whenever you need it. Digitail can be installed on the laptop, tablet and on the phone.

The App

Find out more about how Digitail works and how it can help you from the application`s website. If this is the solution you were looking for, contact a Vetro representative to find out more details.