Vetro is about transforming a dream about freedom and leadership into a business model.

Vetro’s mission is to come up with innovative concrete solutions for veterinary offices, for the owners of pets or for those who own farms. Care for life, in general, the human-animal connection is what sets in motion and gives meaning to the actions or projects developed by Vetro. The entire entrepreneurial vision is based on the human-animal ecosystem – the land we all live on. Behind this project, even from the beginning, there was a well-defined approach about performance and standards. 

consulting and products

Veterinary practices, clinics, veterinarians and farms are at the heart of Vetro activities, so that the animals grow up healthy and their “parents” are pleased. Vetro provides consultancy and sells premium products for them, some exclusively on the Romanian market. Vetro is dedicated, at the same time to building new business opportunities by solving existing problems in the market, with a focus on regional expansion and selling products globally. 

Digital platform for retail, direct sales to this segment, orientation towards countryside, granting franchises dedicated to pets first and to animals for production later, a factory, a warehouse, own pharmacies, diversification of suppliers, a research center with a focus on innovation for own products are pillars of the involvement of Vetro in the development of the veterinary area in Romania, medium and long-term. 

We set out from the very beginning to address the challenges in the market through innovation, an open and transparent attitude, through empathy and honesty. We are confident that these are the components that can take veterinary medicine in Romania to the next level.

Vetro offers more than products and equipments for veterinary medicine. We come up with recommendations from specialists who are in turn, veterinarians.

We bring solutions that save time and energy in the management of veterinary offices. We create learning opportunities both in specialized fields and in business administration in the industry (veterinary offices, farms).

Through everything we do we can confidently claim that Vetro is a vector of change on the national veterinary market.


In order to fulfill this mission, we are guided by a well-established set of values that we apply both within the organization and in the relationship with clients and partners. 


Through our products and services we aim to set the tone for change in the practice of veterinary medicine in Romania. We share with our partners and clients the innovations in the field, in order to grow together.


Each employee organizes their work so as to obtain the desired results and to maintain good relations with our other colleagues and our partners. We know that flows, clear processes and standards are what help us to be efficient both individually, for our clients and Vetro business.


We are transparent in our actions. We offer advice to our partners with openness and integrity. Long-term relationships are built with confidence and we want that together we develop the practice of veterinary medicine to the highest standards.


We listen carefully to the needs of our clients and colleagues. The Vetro team consists of specialists, many of whom are veterinarians who deeply understand the challenges their fellow colleagues are facing. We are also concerned with generating benefits for pets, respectively for farm animals, so that the mission of our activity to achieve its goal.

Continuous Development

We focus on continuous learning, both for our employees and for the partners. We constantly create opportunities for a continuous training of veterinary medicine specialists and we want to create together a community open to the new.


We are responsible for the results of our work. We understand how important it is to provide solutions, to act responsible for the benefit of our clients and the society.


We value the right of every person to express themselves and act according to their own principles as long as this does not harm the rights and freedom of others. We encourage our employees to make decisions and be responsible for their own actions.

Vetro team

At Vetro, everyone is free to fulfill their mission, to grow both professionally and personally and thus contribute to raising the level of efficiency of the system and the way things work. 

Dumitru FODOR

Founder & CEO

VETRO in figures

Beyond words, the figures are a clear reflection of our commitment to performance and high standards in everything we do. 

Business figure 

Number of employees  


Our vision to develop the veterinary medicine market in Romania can only be possible with our partners who share our values and openness to innovation. We build partnerships in the desire to bring on the national market premium, efficient, innovative products to high standards. We are constantly looking to diversify our portfolio in order to be able to cover the whole spectrum of pathologies and to take the practice of veterinary medicine in Romania to the next level. 

These are our partners:

VETRO Projects

From our point of view, in order to innovate the veterinary medicine in Romania, as we take responsibility, we must come up with concrete solutions for the veterinarians and pet`s “parents.” In addition to the veterinary products and specialized consultancy that underlie Vetro`s activity, we make possible projects that bring practical solutions for the challenges of the industry. We develop them for and together with our clients and partners, starting from the challenges which they themselves tell us about. 


Is the first platform of online solutions which aims to bring pet`s "parents" and veterinarians closer, with beneficial effects on both parts and, implicitly, on animal health.

The project has started as an information platform for the clients of veterinary offices for them to be able to obtain correct, verified information provided by the specialist, without overlapping with the time given by doctors to consultations and the necessary administrative tasks. By carefully listening to our clients, we decided to redirect the project to the need for veterinarians to simplify administrative work and to have more time to practice their profession.  

Currently, the project Cauta.vet is in the transition point from a platform of information provided by the veterinarians concerning the health of pets to a platform of integrated solutions for the promotion of veterinary medicine. We want our partners, the veterinarians, to consider the platform as the main working tool to achieve their goals. In order to do this, we communicate with them constantly, with openness and we develop the project according to their real needs. 

 “A platform of online solutions relieves you from those bureaucratic or logistical responsibilities allowing you the possibility to practice your basic job with passion, without having a quarter of norm as an accountant, a quarter of norm as a Facebook specialist, another part-time as a dispatcher.” 

– Dumitru Fodor, Vetro Founder 

Vet Business Academy

It is a training program of veterinarians for the administration of offices as their own business.

We know from our clients that, in addition to animal health, they are also concerned with the development of offices as healthy and efficient business. Through the project Vet Business Academy we want to facilitate their participation to a customized training program in which they learn everything they need as entrepreneurs. The program addresses marketing, management, finance, communication and leadership notions, presented for the particular context of a veterinary business. We believe that only together, through collaboration and support, can fulfill the vision to operate on a healthy, mature market with development opportunities for all actors involved.  

Development innovative veterinary marketplace

Cod SMIS 129023

S.C. VETRO SOLUTIONS S.R.L., headquartered in Iași, Calea Chișinăului, no. 6, as a Beneficiary, runs, starting with 29.05.2020, the project “Development innovative veterinary marketplace” –SMIS 129023 code, on the basis of the Financing Contract no. 34/221_ap2/29.05.2020 concluded with the Authority for the Digitization of Romania as an Intermediate Body for the Competitiveness Operational Program. The project is being implemented in Iasi, in the period 29.05.2020 – 01.06.2023.

The general objective of the project is to increase competitiveness of the company Vetro Solutions SRL by developing a software project that digitizes the veterinary health industry, automating redundant processes to which members of this ecosystem are currently subjected and to create the connection between them, thus facilitating the collaboration and the growth of the industry, at national level.   

The total value of the project is 15.777.515,33 lei, of which non-reimbursable financial assistance is  11.127.947,98 lei. A project co-financed by the Regional Development European Fund through the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014 – 2020.

Competitive together!  

Expected results:

– obtain an innovative software product for the veterinary sector;

– acquisition of tangible and intangible assets necessary for the implementation of the project and for the integration on the market of the resulted software product.

Miheala Moisa – Project Manager

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 0755.987.113